Driver Management

Keep your drivers updated with SAFVER. We know that your drivers keep your business moving. Using our driver management service, monitor your drivers and keep their records organised at one place so that your fleet is always ready.

  • Driver documents
  • Driver history & Checks
  • Medical & Insurance
  • Download driver matrix
  • Driver verification
  • Online forms & Checklist
  • Notification & Alerts
  • Registration & Insurance
  • Driver profile
  • Quick access
  • Drivermaintenance

    Driver management

    Stay compliant - keep your operation compliant with up to date driver profile, including important medical, license and insurance information.

  • driver profile

    Driver profile

    Ensure driver related compliance by storing driver documents at on place

  • Fault Management

    Driver license expiry alerts

    Reduce manual admin work and fleet downtime by automating reminders for driver compliance deadlines and other important events like automatic reminders to keep driver licences in date.

  • Driver verification with traffic history

    Driver verification with traffic history

    SAFVER introduced driver verification process which help company to verify all driver profile before onboarding and assigning fleet.

How SAFVER Works



Get registered and SAFVER team will contact you to understand your needs and provide best plans and custom feature if required

Complete Profile

Complete Profile

Complete your profile and dashboard settings which helps us to provide you better automated services.

Ready to Use

Ready to Use

Stay Informed- Effortlessly assign and monitor which drivers are using which assets.

Why Choose Us

Easy Management

Fast and easy to use for workers, Managers and other users Streamline documentation management for audits, training and incident


Have instant access to information and documents. Access SAFVER on any device at anytime

Easy Profiles & On-Boarding

Get your employees off to a great start, and automate all the admin visually map training, compliance, experience and much more


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